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The Origin of the Belly Dance The Young Generation Doesn’t Know

The Origin of the Belly Dance The Young Generation Doesn’t Know

Belly dance is one of the traditional forms of dance that is popular until now unfortunately this dance is still not digested and misinterpreted.

This dance shows exotic and captivating to the audience, this dance is presented more specifically expressing expressions of all dancers. Many mythologies can explain where this dance came from.

Usually dancers bring their dances according to their personal will and are most difficult to express naturally the rhythm of this dance, but this dance is the expression of the feelings of the audience dancer. this dance depicts the tradition of middle eastern elements. Some sophisticated dances have developed this belly dance and are transported by migrants from the West around the time of British and French colonial rule.

Most dancers have very individual relationships with their dances and as a result not a few people find techniques to express how this  belly dance is the most meaningful to them.

But in general, sophisticated dance performances regardless of what style it is, or where it is played, comes from Middle Eastern folk dances. This was popularized among Western travelers around the time of British and French colonial rule in Middle Eastern elements, and then by promoters who bought dancers to the West to perform at exhibitions and exhibitions in England, France and America.

This folk dance, around the last 200 years, has been mixed with the movements and aesthetics of other stage dance and craft formats to better satisfy Western tastes and create beneficial dances better as dances that must be observed rather than community activities to be enjoyed. past participation.

Most people on vacation in Turkey or Egypt will see a belly dance show at a restaurant or hotel. For those who are one-time witnessed, they will feel quite surprised to see this dance is least common in the West. The dancer will wear a bra and belt with a skirt or tassel skirt depending on the dancer’s fun and theme. Belly dancers can also perform dances with a number of simple musical instruments such as Selubung, Sundal and Cymbals.

In America the belly dance is better known as the Kabaret dance and not infrequently the costumers are similar to restaurant waiters. You can see the vast difference between belly dancers from middle-eastern people and westerners. The life of dancers in the Middle East seems glamorous and full of luxury but not entirely true, because this work is difficult to do with the impact of differences in habits and a number of religions that disobey the presence of this dance.

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