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The History and Development of Dance Hip-Hop Until Now

The History and Development of Dance Hip-Hop Until Now

Hip-hop is a dance style with very deep historical, social and cultural roots.

The hip hop culture has been recognized internationally since the 70s. The main components are rap (MC’ing-essing), break-dance, graffiti, street sports. Everything starts like this. Despite the fact that hip-hop is a way of life originating in various parts of North America, the South Bronx, the New York black ghetto, is one of the poorest environments. But the words of hip-hop don’t exist yet, they were created several years later by the legendary African DJ Bambaataa, when mature culture needed a common name.

Since then, people without professional training, but with a sincere desire to dance, have brought dance to the streets. Despite the fact that in hip-hop you can see the echoes of modern steppes, swings and African dances – this dance style is more about improvisation and emotion. There is no strict school here, so everyone is free to dance, because he feels and develops his own style based on basic movements.

East Coast hip hop

Although hip hop does not develop only on the East Coast, many dancers ignore the origins of hip hop on the West Coast and attribute the entire dance development to the east coast (New York).

Turning to the big city of Jamaica, Kool DJ Herc became the first DJ to create unique music by playing two recording machines with the same recording. The rhythm he made is one of the important elements of basic hip-hop games.

He also expanded the dance part of the songs so that dancers could demonstrate their steppes and films, laying the foundations for dance culture.


There are several other basic movements that go beyond hip-hop, for example, Snake, Chicken-head, Cabbage Patch, Running man, and others.

A happy foot is a cult steppe in the 1980s. They always dance with the rap song “The Show” to start the party.

Social dance is not created for competition and athletic manifestations, such as hacking. This dance is for people to share with each other and create a sense of unity.

The main element of hip-hop dance is the plot. The basis of hip-hop dance is a basic set of movements. The culture of hip hop can be divided into two main types: old school (old hip-hop school) and new style (new hip-hop school).

The school is also distinguished by style and music presentations. At present, there are many “techniques” and “keys” for dancing that are diverse and authentic. In general, hip-hop dance is not the direction of the stage, it is only used as improvisation (freestyle).

Hip-hop, thus, is divided into many directions. Each direction is quite independent and carries its own meaning. Hip-hop for all different and individual. Suppose two people consider themselves part of hip-hop culture. One crazy likes to spin on his head, and the second one to draw on the neighbor’s fence, daddy’s enamel in cans. They have almost nothing in common except for the general cultural component of hip-hop.

It can be divided into three main areas: – Rap, Hip-Hop, Bitbox (musical) – Breakdance, Hip-Hop (New Style, Old School, etc.), Papping, Crump, Flexing, C-Walk, Turfing, Locking ( dance) – Graffiti (visual) A person who identifies himself with a hip-hop subculture can do rap and graffiti and break dance at the same time

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