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The Art of Salsa Dance That Is Able to Boost Enthusiasm

The Art of Salsa Dance That Is Able to Boost Enthusiasm

Salsa dance in the world is growing rapidly from time to time and from year to year.

So not a little dance from many countries that continue to evolve and innovate. There are also many types of new dance that are the result of the merging and unification of one type of dance and one type of dance or more than two types of dance.

This creates dance art among unlimited art. In dance, you don’t know what is called boundaries and walls in self-expression and feelings and thoughts. Dance is an art that is very popular and desirable for not a few people because of the unique formations, movements, and rhythms of music that are the accompaniment of the dance and the diversity of its types.

One of the most famous dance arts in the world and liked by not a few people is Salsa dance. This one dance has the most amazing characteristics, history, and weirdness, some of which are

  • This dance is an expression of passion, enthusiasm, awakening, and dynamism. Salsa dance is one type of dance that does not recognize words pause or pause in the dance because this dance has movements including the most energetic, dynamic, and agile foot stages. If you have ever watched dance – Salsa, surely you will understand the meaning of Salsa dance which is often able to arouse enthusiasm.
  • This dance art has a history of dance names that are quite unique, from Spanish “salsa” which means sauce or can be interpreted as taste and style. This can show the passion found in Salsa dance.
  • The history of this dance is still not rarely debated, but according to the name of this dance, the history that is very close to true is from the Spanish state. The unique fact is that this dance is emerging from all Spanish immigrants living in the United States. In the present, Salsa dance is also growing rapidly in the city of New York, United States because it is very popular with all the dancers who originated and settled in the city.
  • Salsa dance has a type of Salsa music that is a musical accompaniment that is quite unique because it is a combination of musical compositions from a number of countries, namely, the rhythm of music from Latin America and traditional music from Africa and Cuba. This creates Salsa music into a unity of harmony and rhythm or a tempo full of passion and enthusiasm.
  • Salsa dance can be said not to be a dance art which is purely provoked by a number of other types of dance. The types of dance that provoke Salsa dance are Cha cha dance, Mambo dance, Guaracha dance, Palo Monte dance, Yambu dance, Abakua dance, and Rumba dance.
  • Salsa dance is danced by a couple or two people, although there is also a Salsa dance that is danced by a group but most rarely.
  • Salsa dance has a dance movement pattern that requires dancers to move all bodies like arms, shoulders, legs and hips.
  • The rhythm of music or percussion to dance Salsa dance is quite complicated with a rhythm for 180 beats per minute.

From the many information about the Salsa dance above, I and you can see that this one dance art is very nice to witness and enjoy but requires extra effort or slamming bones to learn the movements and dance patterns because this dance has a fairly complex movement pattern and multiplied with the rapid rhythm of the accompanying music.

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