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Tango Dance Is A Social Dance in Latin America

Tango Dance Is A Social Dance in Latin America

Tango dance is a dance that originated in Latin America that appeared in the mid 1800s.

This male and female pair of dance has influences from European and African cultures. Some wrote this dance as a result of the fusion of a number of migrants in Europe such as the African customs carried by Africans who passed through the Cross-Atlantic trade. So that provokes dance, music, culture, cuisine and religion in Latin America. Dynamic tango dance movements can create a vibrant, passionate and romantic state for those who do it or people who just look at it.

  • Tango Dance History

Tango comes from the cities of Buenos Aires & Montovideo in Rio de la plata, the border of Argentina and Uruguay. The word Tango was once used in the 1890s. The meaning of the word tango comes from Latin ‘tangere’ which means touching. The dance originating from the lower learning room is so quickly known in the community, like a theater with a type of barrel music organ that spreads on the edge of the city & European slums, especially Italian, Spanish and French immigrants. Between a combination of European immigrants to the district, African slaves and residents original in the area known as Criollos which was a habit, belief and ceremony of former slave communities. These rituals & customs became a habitual identity that was typical in Latin America and became one of the most popular dances to this day namely, sophisticated dances that have the name Tango.

  • Two Types of Tango Dance

There are two types of tango dances, one of which is Tango Ballroom (Tango International) and Tango Argentina. What separates these two types of tango dance is intimacy or intimacy.

Tango Ballroom is danced with the bodies of male and female dancers sticking together, often the Tango Ballroom dance is carried out by lovers. While the Argentine Tango dance which is more orderly and elegant is danced with not much distance or not all sticking between pairs of dancers.

  • Tango Dance Rhythm

Tango dance which is a social dance from Latin America has a rhythm beat of 2/4 or 4/4, with a medium tempo. The dance moves are charming and arranged in such a way because they are carried out with steps that create an exotic and seductive impression. Music that accompanies tango dance is a combination of all 4 music devices, namely, an instrument from German and Bandoneon, Guitar, Violin and Flute which is now a distinctive tango dance accompaniment.

  • Tango Dance Costume

Clothing that allows for tango dancing is clothing with a type that is comfortable and can move freely. With designs that are various and that are attached to the body can be used. Because basically the tango dancers are dynamic, obliging to move and dance with free space. So the material must also support. It can’t be too heavy or stiff. Commonly used materials are lycra, chiffon and satin and are enhanced with brochure patches and trinkets that decorate.

This dance is formatted with competitive dances like social dance. Tango dance also includes dance games and can be carried out singly, in pairs and in groups. This dance is commonly known as flirty dance because it requires not a little physical contact between the two dancers. The main characteristic of tango is knee bending. This dance developed in the territory of Argentina, starting from Paris, London, Paris and other countries, the impact of Tango dancers traveling to regions in Europe. The dance that used to be the lower dance room in Buenos Aires, then in 1913 this dance was transported to the American continent and became a fairly prestigious dance in the Ballroom.

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