What is the hihat?

The Charleston is a dance that was created in the early 1900s by the black community of Charleston, South Carolina. She was dancing on ragtime jazz rhythms. It developed in the 1910s in Harlem and New York, and was popularized in France by Josephine Baker in the 1920s and was a huge success. It symbolized the new spirit of freedom that blew during the interwar period.
The clothes associated with this dance are the costumes of the roaring twenties, the Charleston dresses, with fringes, hair bands, large feathers. Charleston fashion is also the cut to the boy, big necklaces of glassware, hats bell.

How is Charleston dancing?

The Charleston dance is a rather difficult dance, characteristic of the Charleston is the energetic movement that the legs do when moving the weight of the body from side to side by slightly bending the knees and turning the feet inwards ( a bit like windshield wipers). In parallel, the arms make oscillating movements. The difficulty of dance lies in the speed and coordination of arm and leg movements. This sometimes gives the viewer a burlesque impression. The rhythm is fast and syncopated. The Charleston is played solo, with a partner or in a group.

How to learn to dance the hi-hat?

To learn how to dance the Charleston, you can register for dance classes, couples dancing or for example line dance or country lessons, the Charleston being one of the dances of this discipline (including the cowboy charleston is one of the first dances learned); hip-hop, deep house, lindy hop (east coast swing) also incorporate hi-hat steps. The best is to start by watching videos of hi-hat dancers be it dancers of the time or more modern videos (on Youtube.com). It is not mandatory to have dresses of the roaring twenties to go dancing. But if you want to make your hi-hat outfit, you can get inspired by crazy dresses and outfits.