Shakira the dancer

Shakira is one of the stars most adored by young people and she accompanies her performance of particularly noted choreographies. These are inspired by Latin dances, such as cumbia or salsa, but also with a strong influence of oriental dance (by his Lebanese father), which gives him a really personal touch. She admits to having learned to be a belly dancer and practically all alone, which proves her innate abilities for dance.
Shakira dance is characterized mainly by hip and belly movements, as well as chest. All the movement of his body is ripples to the rhythm of the music.
Shakira was chosen to sing the official song of the 2010 Football World Cup, Waka waka (This time for Africa). The dance choreography of Shakira waka waka was made to be practiced by the fans. An African inspiration with hopping and hip movements. In 2006 Shakira in “Hips do not lie” proposes a new choreography, which is close to the streap dance.

How to dance like Shakira?

To get to dance like Shakira, you first have to learn how to do hips, belly and chest movements, for that we can start by looking at the many clips and try to do like her, see how Shakira moves her size in all the senses. You can also go out to Latin discos, watch the pros and practice. To learn Waka Waka, watch the World Cup clip and try to do the same. Otherwise dance schools offer oriental dance or Latin dance classes.

My advice

This of course makes all girls dream of dancing like Shakira, their idol. But do you know that Shakira means in Arabic “full of grace”, and it is obvious that she has the sacred fire in dance. Belly dancing is not given to everyone, it takes a lot of work. If you are really bitten, I advise you to register for an oriental dance class, to learn the right movements of belly dancing and hipsters. But the “Shakira dancing” is a sensual dance, even erotic, so it’s not really for girls too young.