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I can teach you how to dance techniques, especially belly dancing, for those of you who are serious I can tell you to do a performance that is often held periodically and join the Hipnotic belly dance school. Besides that I also mastered hip hop and sophisticated dance.

Want to join my study room?

I opened the opportunity to practice dancing in my class. If you are interested you can take a regular study room. to detail the learning period you can see the schedule clearly in the study room of my location belly dance teaching. You can go to my place to watch – see. All of my students have achievements in the dance world.

Interested in developing dances?

The development of dance in another city is the most unique thing for me. I am committed to being able to produce new dance styles with the knowledge, self-confidence and dancing skills of myself compared to imitating other people’s movements.

I see this as a challenge and how to continue to develop dance techniques. If you have interest and ask for more information, please contact me.

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