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5 Types of Dance for Those of You Who Crave an Ideal Slim Body

5 Types of Dance for Those of You Who Crave an Ideal Slim Body

Dancing is an exciting and refreshing activity for the body and can even lose weight without having to go on a diet program, no wonder if dancing is not often used as a choice of sports, especially for those who want an ideal body. Even dancing is effective to get rid of stress and at the same time teach body flexibility.

As you know, generally all lovers of dancing have the ideal body format and even want to slim down, this is certainly due to dance movements that can cut calories in the body and tighten the muscles and skin. Well, if you are still struggling with a diet program and never succeeding try to complete your diet routine by dancing, like the following types of dance that can help slimming the body.


Although not a few people who see pole dance or pole dance are dances that are not polite enough like a striptease dance but that does not mean both are the same. The pole dance dance moves and striptease movements are far the opposite because the pole dance dance moves to mental health, auto-forming and flexing the body, in contrast to the striptease dance which shows off sexiness more. So there is no harm if you try this dance if it works to lose weight. You can try it on location to live with the music cradle so you won’t get tired easily.


If you are an Indian film enthusiast, you must know the Masala Bhangara dance, this dance is not uncommon in Bollywood films. Even the popularity of this dance is not only in India but in different countries that are always used as an effort to reduce fat in the body. If this dance is ignored, it is more like a stomping foot movement, you can also do this dance so that it is more exciting and vibrant.

Hula hoop

It may have been familiar with this one dance, Yaps, the Hula Hoop dance combined with the mercury ring, has been known to be effective in streamlining the body especially in the stomach element. This dance and sport movement is a game when you stay small, of course, you still remember how the technique plays, namely by rotating a giant ring on the stomach element and follow it with a shake of the hip so the ring circle can rotate without falling down.

Hula hoop dance is usually used as a competitive arena, even to this day it is always used as a exercise routine because of its usefulness to be able to cut down fat on the stomach to its full potential. Well, for those of you who want to be ideal slim with a flat stomach, there is no harm in trying hula hoops.

Belly dance

Success in a diet is not infrequently witnessed from a slim stomach so that you have to work on a Belly dance dance. This type of dance will maximize the movement of your stomach so that the fat in the stomach will disappear together with the movements that you do, even though it is not easy to do this dance movement but if there is a desire of course you can try it. This dance is very suitable for those of you who want a small stomach but are lazy to exercise hard.

Zumba dance

Zumba is a dance originating from South America that is not infrequently used as an aerobic fitness dance. You could say this dance is a new technique to get the ideal body format with a fun technique. If you want to try this dance you should not forget to add the appropriate music so you can move and move again to follow the rhythm so you can get more sweat, and burn fat maximally.

Various types of dances above can be a substitute for your sports technique or can be limited to hobbies, in addition to fitness, of course there are not a few uses that you can get from dancing, both for health and to get the ideal body. By dancing you can save everything both time and money, you don’t need to go to the gym or gym anymore besides that you can do it at any time in the morning or evening. So for those of you who want to slim down there is no harm in trying to dance – the dance is in addition to entertaining yourself, surely your diet program will be more fun.

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